Friday 7 October 2011

Welcome to the Ghost Town!


Things are getting spooky on the Homestead... Your trees and debris are changing colour and everything is starting to become... well... weird!

It's time to start listening to Laughing Bear because perhaps that kooky Shaman really does know what he's talking about, not only is your homestead looking weird but there's sure something strange happening over the old town to the south...

Yep, the Ghost Town expansion is here and it's BIG!

You'll notice your travel button has picked up a couple additions...

And when you click it you'll see the Ghost Town is now open on the map.

Taking yourself off there starts off an intro movie to get you acquainted with the Ghost Town and the problems wrought upon it by it's insane Mayor...

Pfft, the madman might think it's insane but you know better, aint no wilder pioneers than you and you'll clear up that Ghost Town and get to the Mayor or die trying!

So there starts a wild and wacky new Trail adventure, where you'll learn yourself a new energy source (Gumption replaces rations), meet three new friends, three new ghostly enemies and a mad Mayor with ghoulish designs. With a grand total of 25 missions spread over the Ghost Town AND your homestead this is a Halloween challenge with bite... and I don't mean from the crazy sheep...

Mission Tree

Your Crew

Your Crew on the Ghost Town works in exactly the same way as the crew on the Standard Pioneer Trail. Although Bess, Doc and Laughing Bear will fulfil the jobs you can also hire friends and get more energy (Gumption) and get more items when they visit.

The first difference this time around is the crew automatically do the jobs they're best at, no more trying to remember who does what, the game will select the right avatar.

The second change is that they have different jobs. The Hunter is now a Sharpshooter who finds hides, the Carpenter is now a Mad Scientist who finds potions and the Doctor is now a Shaman who finds spirits. These items will be used for missions and crafting.

To fill your crew with friends simply click to manage crew and find a familiar window, from here you can invite a specific person, invite via direct request or simply post on your wall for people to take on the jobs.

PLEASE NOTE: Just like the Trail you can only visit friends who have hired YOU to be one of their crew. Ask to be hired via the Jobs menu.


A lot of folks have been asking what the Charms are for that are collected from the Shaman's Lodge and the Totem.

Well, we can now reveal Charms will be a currency for limited edition Halloween items!

They'll not be rare, as well as being collected from the Shaman Lodge and Totem they'll be a common mission reward (ALL missions), Collection trade in rewards, friend requests AND they'll pop from clearing debris in the Ghost Town and be collected from the various interactive buildings around the Town as well.

With a total of 5'000 needed for all items (like Golden Horseshoes thy do not get taken when claiming prizes) I think we'll be glad they're not rare!



In our jaunt through the Ghost Town we'll get to meet some new friends to help out along the way... and an enemy.
The Sheriff

The Sheriff is supposed to be keeping law and order in the Town, but thanks to the Mayor that's gone right out the window.

It's made even worse by a pack of rampaging coyotes that scare the living beejeebus out of him and leave him mentally unable to do his job.

It'll be YOUR job to calm him down, heal his shattered nerves, help him restock his supplies and finally take care of the coyotes, and their leaders, once and for all.

Ursula the Undertaker

Ursula is the undertaker of the Ghost Town and is finding out just how hard it is to have folks come back from the dead to critique your work!

She's been overrun by spirits brought to life by the curses of the mad Mayor and, if that wasn't bad enough, they're all complaining about her shoddy craftsmanship.

You'll need to help Ursula round up all the wild ghosts and then help her craft up some quality materials to put together some sturdier coffins.

Finally the one ghost that's REAL trouble will need dealing with, but perhaps in a gentler way?

McDinkle The Farmer

McDinkle is the Crop master of the Town and he's having real trouble with his stock.

He used to pride himself on his almost superhuman control over his crops and animals but no longer, now the Mayor's mad scheming has cursed them all and turned his crops and his beloved animals against him.

You'll need to help McDinkle out by exorcising the posessed flora and fauna, finding a cure for the curse holding them and putting everything back to rights again.

He'll also need some help dealing with a very unruly plant that's bigger than he can handle and doesn't want pruning...

Mayor Maximus P. Witherwood

The villain of the piece, the Mayor has cursed the Ghost Town causing it's current spooky and overrun state along with bringing to live three henchmen who each look after a key to his mansion, which he's locked himself in.

Your task is going to be to defeat those henchghosts, retrieve the keys and face off against the insane mayor on his own turf!

Just be aware though, you may find yourself looking over your shoulder...