Friday 7 October 2011

Your Crew

Your Crew on the Ghost Town works in exactly the same way as the crew on the Standard Pioneer Trail. Although Bess, Doc and Laughing Bear will fulfil the jobs you can also hire friends and get more energy (Gumption) and get more items when they visit.

The first difference this time around is the crew automatically do the jobs they're best at, no more trying to remember who does what, the game will select the right avatar.

The second change is that they have different jobs. The Hunter is now a Sharpshooter who finds hides, the Carpenter is now a Mad Scientist who finds potions and the Doctor is now a Shaman who finds spirits. These items will be used for missions and crafting.

To fill your crew with friends simply click to manage crew and find a familiar window, from here you can invite a specific person, invite via direct request or simply post on your wall for people to take on the jobs.

PLEASE NOTE: Just like the Trail you can only visit friends who have hired YOU to be one of their crew. Ask to be hired via the Jobs menu.